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Medicare only provides a subsidy to you for ‘Enhanced Primary Care’ or ‘Chronic Disease Management’ Plans prepared by your GP. Physiotherapy clinics will tend not to bulk-bill and charge a small gap-fee for these programs. The rare clinics that offer bulk-billing tend to cut your treatments short. A small Gap fee is payable at our clinic if you choose to see our experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists.

Yes, you may use your health fund. Your gap is determined by the level of cover you hold with your Health Fund. Please contact you health fund for more information on your GAP

If you are attending as a private patient – No. If you are attending for a workplace injury, following a MVA, under a medicare plan or as a DVA patient – Yes you will require a referral from your Dr or Specialist physician.

When coming to your consultation, please remember to wear clothes you can move in, like the gear you would wear to the gym. Where able, try and wear clothes that will give your Physiotherapist access to the site of injury, for example, if you have a shoulder injury wear a singlet top rather than a button down shirt. 

If you’re unable to wear appropriate clothing to your appointment because it is an acute injury on the day, or you don’t have this type of clothing, we have clothes you are able to change into for the best possible outcomes.

Although not required, if you have any of the following please bring them along to your first appointment: Doctor letters, imaging – CT Scans, MRI’s, XRays or Ultrasound results or actual images if you have them available.

Our fees are dependent on the type of service you require and the level of expertise of the treating physiotherapist. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to provide you with the fee for your appointment.