Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Are you looking for a good sports physio and sports injury clinic in Brisbane CBD? Athletes at all levels of sports are exposed to high-levels of very specific loads, each sport having their own specific demand on the body. The rehabilitation demands of a sport-specific injury are higher than that of a non-sport related injury, meaning in order to get back to performing any sport at a high-level, the rehabilitation must also be of the highest quality.

Our dedicated team at Leaders Sports & Spine Physiotherapy will determine the root cause of your sports-related injury, and identify the most efficient rehabilitation journey back to high-level performance. As previous high-level athletes themselves, our Physiotherapists know the importance, both physically and mentally, of continuing training. We have the best sports injury physiotherapists and our team will do everything they can to keep you training as long as you can, while continuing to move forward on your rehabilitation journey.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & conditioning plays a vital role in your injury recovery and rehabilitation. Strength & conditioning is the specific adaptation of training (strength, cardio, balance, & proprioception) to attain individual goals or sporting applications. 

Strength & conditioning is the next step above training with a personal trainer, as it takes into account things such as; load management, injury rehabilitation and scientific research.

Physiotherapy Exercise

Physiotherapy-run exercise is a vital part of the rehabilitation journey. These sessions are a specialised form of exercise, where the resulting exercise program has been devised by our expert Physiotherapy team during your full musculoskeletal assessment. 

Once the musculoskeletal assessment has been completed, our Physiotherapy team will put together a program that will best address any deficiencies that are restricting your rehabilitation. During a Physiotherapy-run exercise session, you will be put through the program to help develop and improve your strength, motor control, balance, stability, or mobility issues. The advantage to having a Physiotherapist right there when you’re going through the program, is the program can be adjusted at the time if it is too challenging, or not quite pushing you hard enough – helping you get the most from your rehabilitation. 

The biggest advantage for you, is our state-of-the-art Physiotherapy clinic. We have access to some premiere equipment, including Pilates reformers. This means that no matter your progress through your rehabilitation journey, we will have a way of helping you.

Sporting Team Service &
Athlete Screening

The team at Leaders Sports & Spine Physiotherapy have always been involved in sports in some way or another, whether it through competing, coaching, or managing a team. Because of this, supporting sporting teams at all levels of competing is something very close to our heart. We love getting out there and supporting teams at the grassroots and schooling level, all the way through to the elite athletes we all admire. We are more than qualified to provide athletic pre-screening, fitness screening, physical screening, as well as sports recovery. We also work very closely with some of Brisbane’s best sports and exercise medicine specialists for all our sporting team services. 

We are the best physiotherapists for team sports in Brisbane. If your sporting team or association is excited by the opportunity to have a highly-qualified Physiotherapy team there to support you from pre-season through to grand final and beyond, please get in contact to discuss options.

Athletic screenings are assessments performed by our highly experienced Physiotherapy team, to determine and identify any strength, mobility, balance or coordination deficiencies that may lead to an injury further down the athlete’s journey. 

Each sport has their own specific demands on the body, therefore each athlete screening assessment is different – depending on the sport. At the completion of the screen, each athlete will be provided with a strength and conditioning program designed to prevent injury and improve performance.

Glad Program

The GLA:D Program (glad program) is a research based program out of Denmark, looking in the education and exercise prescription specifically for those suffering from hip and knee OsteoArthritis. GLA:D actually stands for Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark. 

Research from this program has shown an average pain reduction of 36%, reduction in analgesic consumption, reduction in the perceived need for surgery, and clinically meaningful improvement in joint confidence. 

Our Physiotherapy team have undergone extensive training to become certified GLA:D Program providers for our local CBD community. This physio exercise program is an arthritis exercise program where we are able to coach you through exercise for arthritis in your knee, hip arthritis exercise, and education. If you are looking for a non-invasive method of treatment for osteoarthritis, or your surgeon or GP has suggested some exercise and strengthening to help you combat the effects of OsteoArthritis, the GLA:D Program might be for you!